The Detailer’s Pledge

Read our Pleadge to our customers

Conduct myself in a Professional Manner

As a Professional Auto Detailer, I pledge to honor my commitments, delight my customers and conduct my business in an courteous and professional manner

I pledge to arrive on time in professional clothing, driving a clean vehicle, with commercial-grade equipment, and all essential supplies, and introduce myself in a calm and confident manner. If for any reason I cannot arrive on time or keep my appointment, I will immediately contact the customer -- even if I am only going to be a few minutes late.

Offer Professional Advice

As a professional, I will patiently listen to prospective customers concerns, gather information about their needs without rushing to judgement. I will offer my expert recommendations for how to best succeed, and also offer alternative solutions when possible. I will graciously accept the customer’s right as the ultimate decision maker, since their budget may not always allow them to do what is best.

Properly prepare myself and my business

As an auto detailing professional, I will constantly seek to improve my methods, equipment and supplies to provide expert service to my clients

Answer the phone with a courteous voice

I will answer my phone during normal business hours of 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Customers should not have to leave messages to reach me.

Return calls within one hour

During normal business hours of 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, if for any reason a customer is unable to reach me immediately by phone (perhaps I was on another call), and leaves a message, I agree to return customer’s call within one hour; and return email messages and after-hours voice messages on the next business day

Abide by advertised packages and prices

I agree to communicate with my customers in clearest terms, using standard packages that are clearly defined. I will charge fair prices to all my customers, offering the same discounts to all customers for similar services in similar circumstances.

Clearly Contract with my Customers

I will make a clear commitment with my customers as to what work will be done, and how much it will cost before work begins, and will not ask for more than the agreed upon price afterward.

I will set reasonable expectations about the end results, and specifically state which desired improvements can or cannot be achieved.

Operate within the Law

I will obtain necessary licences, pay and/or collect any taxes, purchase adequate insurance and take all other necessary steps to operate within the law.

Delight Most Customers

I will consistently delight most of my customers. Customer’s who have never had their car detailed before may even be amazed at the restored appearance and cleanliness.

Satisfy Every Customer

I will make a determined effort to satisfy every retail customer, going the second mile to meet their expectations.

Handle Complaints Promptly with additional work and/or partial refunds

I aim to satisfy Every customer; but occasionally something may still go wrong on a detail. In that event, I will make every reasonable effort to satisfy the customer by correcting or redoing substandard work, and/or offering additional compensation such as free add-on services, future discounts, and (when warranted) partial refunds.

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